Aslak’s view of BDD, Cucumber and automated testing

This is a quote from Aslak Hellesoy on the Cukes Google group.
“Even on this list, the majority of people seem to think that Cucumber == Automated Tests == BDD, which is WRONG.
What people need to understand is:
  • Cucumber is a tool for BDD
  • Cucumber is a tool for Specification By Example
  • Specification By Example is just a better name for BDD
  • Specification By Example / BDD means examples (Scenarios) are written *before* implementation
  • Specification By Example should happen iteratively, in collaboration with non-technical stakeholders
  • Automated Tests are a by-product of Specification By Example
  • Writing Automated Tests does *not* imply you’re doing Specification By Example
  • Using Cucumber for Automated Tests without doing Specification By Example is stupid
  • Cucumber is not a tool for Automated Testing, it’s a tool for Collaborative, Executable Specifications”
Aslak Hellesoy    – 12th December 2013
Cukes Google Group!topic/cukes/XFB7CjWuI14







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