HomePlug non-interoperability

TL;DR; Homeplug devices can be a great way to network your house, but they may not all interoperate smoothly. Like many people I live in a house that was built before networks were an essential part of family life. A common solution is WiFi, but t...
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Singleton, Design Patterns and Pattern Languages

Singleton has been a thorn in the side of proponents of design patterns ever since it saw the light of day in the GoF book. I recently came across this short presentation I wrote on the subject of Design Patterns in general and Singleton (and its ...
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TDD Survey goes live

Last night my TDD Survey form went live at http://claysnow.co.uk/pages/tdd-questionnaire It's a very basic, free-text form, designed to gather reasons why more people don't practice TDD. After all, TDD is one of the foundational agile practices th...
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Fun with FitNesse

I've dabbled a bit with FitNesse over the years, but have recently concentrated more on unit testing (with GoogleTest and GoogleMock). I'm now working on a Java web app and FitNesse seems like just the thing for putting some acceptance tests in pl...
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Unit Testing, Test Driven Development and the Walking Skeleton

On May 7th 2011 I gave a well-attended session at DDD Scotland. The feedback was good - lowest scores were for the slide deck: Too Wordy. Undaunted, I'm posting the deck here in its full glory. (Thanks due to Owen Brown for the Claysnow logo)
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Reprint of an article I wrote for CVu, the member's journal of ACCU (http://www.accu.org): RekursivView more documents from Seb Rose.
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Stopping the Rot – Putting Legacy C++ Under Test

Check out this presentation, from my session at ACCU 2011, Oxford: Stopping the Rot - Putting Legacy C++ Under TestView more presentations from Seb Rose.
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First Lego League

This week the Newlands Primary School team completed their first challenge of the competition. They programmed the robot to release the syringe and get it back to base - with the robot returning to a well-defined position on the board. There's sti...
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Bookshelf blues

My bookshelves filled up years ago, but there's no end to my acquisition of books. There's a steady flow of technical books to the attic, where they gather dust and are never thought of again. Fiction, on the other hand, gets lent out almost as qu...
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ISWC08 Monday p.m.

I've had lunch and coffee and I'm ready for more. This afternoon promises the most relevant sessions so far. Will I sink or swim?"Moduralisation and Explanation" a.k.a. "Understanding and repairing inferences"Matthew Horridge & Uli SattlerThere's ...
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