Emperor’s new test automation tool – a modern fable

TL;DR; If you thought you could cure all your manual testing woes by simply buying a tool and some consultancy, think again. [All entities in this piece, corporate or corporeal, are entirely fictional – any likenesses to reality are entirely coinc...
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Tedium or interest? The choice is yours.

During his excellent software craftsmanship session at Lean Agile Scotland, Sandro Mancuso made an analogy between software maintenance and gardening. A garden needs constant attention – lawns need cut; flower beds need weeded; old and diseased pl...
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(Half) bake yourself an agile process

In his session at Lean Agile Scotland today, Matt Wynne drew a parallel between cargo cult adoption of agile and the Shu phase of Shu Ha Ri learning, and suggested that this might be OK as long as the adopters didn't get stuck there. I've been mul...
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Can you really have too many tests?

I've been working with an old-school client who operates the classic dev team/test team model. The dev team has become test-infected over the past 5 years, writing all flavours of automated test, from unit through to full blown story tests, with J...
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Speaking in Falmouth and Edinburgh in September

Not quite as far apart as you can get on the British mainland, but not far off! I'll be speaking at: Agile on the Beach in Falmouth on 7 September 2012 Lean Agile Scotland in Edinburgh on 21/22 September 2012 If you'd like a 10% discount for the L...
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Building examples collaboratively using business language

It is with some trepidation that I write this. Brian Marick is one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto and has been saying wise things about software development for almost as long as I’ve been writing software. I follow him on Twit...
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[Still] No Silver Bullet

I promised to publish my analysis of the survey that I conducted at the beginning of the year and, in a way, I have. The "Common Objections To TDD" slide deck that I posted on Slide Share contains a breakdown of the responses with some graphical r...
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“Common Objections to TDD” coming to Agile North 2012

If you missed my talk at ACCU 2012, you now have another chance. I'll be presenting it at Agile North (Preston) on June 29th. There is a chance that it will be recorded, which would be great, because the slide deck doesn't really work on its own.
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“Common objections to TDD” slide deck, now uploaded

Last week I presented my session at ACCU 2012 to a packed audience in an overheated room. Here is the slide deck http://www.slideshare.net/sebrose/common-objections-to-tdd-and-their-refutations
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TDD Survey now closed

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the survey. I now have quite a bit of work collating your input, which I hope to finish before the end of April. I'll then blog the results. I'll also be presenting a session on "Objections To TDD" at the AC...
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