New site, new wiki

In this short post I’m announcing 2 things:

1) A new site. With the imminent demise of Posterous I needed to move my site, so you may find that the shape of the site has changed somewhat. No doubt there will be a few teething problems, so please let me know if you come across anything.

2) A new wiki. As part of my conference session “Fear and loathing on the agile trail” I developed a wiki that contains a brain dump of all the things that I’ve seen go wrong during agile adoptions. It’s a public wiki and I’d be very keen for people to see if it’s of any use to them, and add their experiences to it.

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Every journey is just a collection of steps

People seem to love workflow style scenarios. What is it about a workflow that is so irresistible? I was talking about this with Kevlin Henney the other day, and he pointed out that it might be because business processes are the staple diet of mod...
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Building trust using BDD

I've been working with a client whose development team and test team are separate. There's history involved, but to cut a long story short, the testers don't trust the developers and the developers think the testers waste a lot of time re-testing ...
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The Testing Iceberg

Not that long ago I had a conversation with @mattwynne, which led to the hastily sketched piece of paper, below. The diagram on the left (since redrawn and blogged about by @tooky) shows the relationship between End-to-end tests and Business-reada...
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Why I won’t be buying any more technical books on my Kindle

When the Kindle first came on the market I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I, like many of you no doubt, have an attic heaving with technical tomes, many only half read, mostly out of date. I imagined the incredible lightness of being able to walk...
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The Casablanca school of project management

Tim Lister gave a keynote at ACCU 2012 where he showcased a few of the patterns from his book "Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies". He invited conference delegates to create their own project management patterns, which he would judge before t...
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Principles of unit testing

I was paging through the current version of Emily Bache's new LeanPub book “The Coding |Dojo Handbook” when I came across her chapter on Principles for Agile Automated Test Design. I read it with interest, because last Saturday I gave my first air...
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The software house and the farmer’s market

The “Not Invented Here” (NIH) syndrome has been around forever, in all sorts of domains. For those of you that have somehow missed it, it simply describes the predisposition to favour local implementations of functionality that are already availab...
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Cyber Dojo with Cucumber JVM

Last week I spent a fun night working on Cyber-Dojo with Jon Jagger. If you haven't heard of Jon's Cyber-Dojo yet, then I encourage you to head on over to www.cyber-dojo.com and have a play. In a nutshell, Cyber-Dojo provides a platform within whi...
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Normality enforcement and the annual performance review

How valuable are you? That's a question that many large organisations ask about their employees every year in the ritual of the performance review. If they asked the question honestly that might be alright, but many of them impose unjustifiable as...
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