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Edinburgh BDD Kickstart

At the beginning of March Matt Wynne and I ran another very enjoyable 3-day BDD Kickstart course in Edinburgh. The course was hosted in the Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre in the heart of the old town which, despite its historical location, is a thoroughly modern venue.

There’s a lot to cover in the three days, so we’re careful to ensure that everyone remains suitably snacked and caffeinated throughout the day. And when you’re learning intensively it’s crucial to move around and take regular breaks, so we  decided not to have lunch inside the training venue, but at local restaurants. Forcing everyone to go outside at lunchtime was a bit risky because the weather in Edinburgh has been particularly aggressive this year, but we all survived unscathed.

All 7 delegates enrolled for the full course (rather than opting for the 1-day BDD Fundamentals or 2-day BDD Applied modules). This gave us plenty of opportunity to get to know each other, especially since we regularly swapped teams and pairs while working through the practical exercises. Having both Matt and I there for the training also meant that there was plenty of time to focus on the specific questions and concerns of each delegate.

Both Matt and I live in Scotland, so the original motivation to run BDD Kickstart in Edinburgh was to try and make it more practical for local practitioners to attend. It surprised us that most delegates weren’t from Edinburgh, or even Scotland. Three flew up from the south coast of England, two came from north-east England, and one was from Canada (though he didn’t fly over just for the course). We also had a great mix of disciplines with testers, developers and project managers all represented […]

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New site, new wiki

In this short post I’m announcing 2 things:

1) A new site. With the imminent demise of Posterous I needed to move my site, so you may find that the shape of the site has changed somewhat. No doubt there will be a few teething problems, so please let me know if you come across anything.

2) A new wiki. As part of my conference session “Fear and loathing on the agile trail” I developed a wiki that contains a brain dump of all the things that I’ve seen go wrong during agile adoptions. It’s a public wiki and I’d be very keen for people to see if it’s of any use to them, and add their experiences to it.

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Every journey is just a collection of steps

People seem to love workflow style scenarios. What is it about a workflow that is so irresistible? I was talking about this with Kevlin Henney the other day, and he pointed out that it might be because business processes are the staple diet of mod...
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