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The Casablanca school of project management

Tim Lister gave a keynote at ACCU 2012 where he showcased a few of the patterns from his book "Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies". He invited conference delegates to create their own project management patterns, which he would judge before t...
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Principles of unit testing

I was paging through the current version of Emily Bache's new LeanPub book “The Coding |Dojo Handbook” when I came across her chapter on Principles for Agile Automated Test Design. I read it with interest, because last Saturday I gave my first air...
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The software house and the farmer’s market

The “Not Invented Here” (NIH) syndrome has been around forever, in all sorts of domains. For those of you that have somehow missed it, it simply describes the predisposition to favour local implementations of functionality that are already availab...
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Cyber Dojo with Cucumber JVM

Last week I spent a fun night working on Cyber-Dojo with Jon Jagger. If you haven't heard of Jon's Cyber-Dojo yet, then I encourage you to head on over to and have a play. In a nutshell, Cyber-Dojo provides a platform within whi...
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